what you can do


Our first partner, The Pleasant Ridge Foundation, is providing food baskets for first responders to make sure they’re getting something healthy to eat, without having to endure long grocery lines during their all-too-brief off-duty hours.

Across the country, businesses and community groups are looking for other ways to support those leading the battle against the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some suggestions from “Neighbors That Care:"

  • Partner with local restaurants to provide take-out or delivery of ready-to-eat meals
  • Put together food baskets with a focus on healthy, easy-to-prepare dishes and snacks
  • Team up with local grocers to provide gift certificates and ask if they can set aside special hours to make it easier for first responders to shop, much as many stores are doing for seniors
  • Grocers may also help put together “first responder” bags with food and other essentials
  • Consider providing some of the necessities now in short supply, such as toilet paper, paper towels and hand sanitizer 
  • If you have access, help supply medical grade masks and other gear currently in short supply
  • First responders may have little time to take care of basic chores. Offer outdoor maintenance, such as mowing lawns or weeding flower beds
  • Set up a local communication channel, such as a neighborhood Facebook Group or Twitter feed where first responders can reach out with individual needs

You don’t need to be a registered charity or sanctioned organization. Anyone can join this effort, including community clubs, fraternal organizations, block clubs and others. For help and more ideas, reach out to “Neighbors That Care” by clicking here.