mission statement

Our nation is facing its worst domestic crisis in 100 years, the battle against the coronavirus proving as deadly as a conventional war. This time, it’s our doctors and nurses, our police officers, firefighters and EMS crews manning the front lines.

These first responders are working nearly around the clock, facing overcrowded hospitals and shortages of medical equipment, while watching the situation grow more dire by the day. Then, in their rare moments off duty, they struggle to find time to sleep, to shop, and to cook. 

They’re our friends and family and neighbors and, much like the members of America’s military, they deserve both our respect for the danger they face daily, as well as our assistance. That’s where “Neighbors That Care” comes in. 

What began as a neighbor-initiated program in a small Detroit suburb has become a national outreach effort. 

We are not here to fundraise. Our goal is to aid and assist in efforts to provide meals, assemble food baskets or address basic services as simple as mowing lawns and to set up similar programs across the country. 

We also encourage groups setting up their own first responder outreach programs to alert us so “Neighbors That Care” can spread the word and provide a link back. We also want to hear from those who may have supplies, such as masks and other medical gear available for first responders and others.

Americans have a proud history of supporting those on the front lines. Please help us reach out to support our first responders.